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Welcome to Kaja’s Tiny Tanks, your source for miniature armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs).  This collection started strictly with Soviet heavy tanks made between 1939 and 1957, but has expanded to include German, American, British, and French designs as well, and continues to expand.  Requests are always welcome, and my ultimate goal is to provide a representative of every AFV variant, no matter how rare or strange.  All models are produced using the Formlabs Form 3 LFS (low-force stereolithography) 3D printer, a high-resolution resin machine, and are shipped ready to paint, with minimal (if any) clean-up required.  Models are currently available in 1:285 and 1:220 scales, suitable for 6mm wargaming and Z gauge railroads.  Both scales are available in white and dark green resin.  I originally intended to offer dark olive, but as I explain here, the dye mixture didn’t work the way I intended, and I won’t make a second attempt until I use up the current batch.  I have plans to add a 1:240 scale option as well as beige and grey colour options.  To see what else may be included on this website in the future, there are links on the resource page to my other online outlets, as well as the history behind the great steel war machines that we all love.

Happy Hunting!

-Karel Antónovič Janáček (Kaja)

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