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KV-1 M1940

The Kliment Voroshilov tank was drawn up alongside the larger, two-turret Sergei Mironovich Kirov tank, and proved to be the favourable design, entering production in 1939. The 43-tonne heavy tank proved to be too much for German panzers to cope with during Operation Barbarossa, and German soldiers nicknamed the KV-1 the “Russian Colossus.” No panzer at the time had armament sufficient to knock out a KV-1, and towed guns had to be used instead, such as the famed 88mm. In fact, the Panzer 6, better known as the Tiger I, was developed in direct response to the KV-1. As Soviet factories began to shift tank production into high gear, the situation of numerically superior German forces against small numbers of powerful Soviet weapons was reversed.

Models available:

KV-1 M1939

KV-1 M1940

KV-1 M1941