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Object 225

Like its predecessor, the KV-5 was intended to be a super-heavy tank with the 107mm ZiS-6 cannon as its main weapon. Unlike the KV-4, however, only one design is known to exist, although tank enthusiasts today are known to draw up some odd variants, replacing the 107mm cannon with a 122mm D-25T or 152,4mm ML-20S. The actual KV-5 was designed well before either gun was fitted to an AFV, and was meant to be a balance between a fortress tank and super-heavy assault tank, heavily armoured on all sides, but particularly well-protected from the front. The 107mm cannon would have been able to knock out any German tank well out of range of any German tank gun, with the possible exception of the Tiger I, while the machine gun turrets would sweep round the tank and protect it from infantry armed with anti-tank weapons. Note that the secondary turret on top of the main turret partially obstructs the view from the commander’s cuppola, which is why the commander has a rotating periscope as well.

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Object 225

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