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Easily confused with the T-34-85 at a distance, the IS-2 enjoys the similar distinction of being the most widely produced heavy tank of all time. The initial version was nothing more than an up-gunned IS-1, with the turret modified slightly to fit the larger 122mm D25T rifled tank gun. This rare initial production variant is the IS-2 M1943. Tanks produced from 1944 onward used a different hull, distinguished by the single glacis plate in the front, though there are other differences as well. Though the 1944 model is far more common, both variants received a modernisation kit beginning in the early 1950s. A modernised 1943 variant is currently on display at a museum in Poland. There are a remarkable number of photographs from the Battle of Berlin showing both models of the IS-2 missing their fenders, having apparently been removed before they could be damaged. For this reason, I have made these available for sale as well.

Models available:

Object 240 M1943 unmodified

Object 240 M1944 unmodified

Object 240 M1943 missing fenders

Object 240 M1944 missing fenders

Object 240 M1943 modernised

Object 240 M1944 modernised