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The second flamethrower tank to be built from a modified KV-1, the KV-8 was also unique, at least for its time. Unlike most of its contemporaries, the KV-8 had an ATO-41 flamethrower mounted in its turret. Unfortunately, there was no room for both a 76mm gun breach and the flamethrower, so the KV-8 was armed with a 45mm cannon inside a dummy tube. The dummy tube is a good bit shorter than any version of the 76mm gun that the KV-1 used, so I don’t know how well it could have fooled anyone. The KV-8S was built at the same time with the same idea, placing an ATO-42 flamethrower in a modified KV-1S. 25 of these were built, along with 42 of the former, and 2 prototypes of the KV-8M, which was armed with a pair of flamethrowers.

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