From left to right: the Form 3, build platform with a fresh batch of miniatures, wash unit, and tackle box full of miniature modelling tools.
Some models in various stages of painting. Other than the two trucks, you can find everything pictured here in my shop.

Kaja’s Tiny Tanks is the tank “division” of Kaja’s Models and Machinations, the modelling and prototyping shop that operates under the questionable management of Karel Antónovič Janáček, also called Kaja, a crazy Russian boy with a Czech name.  Hello, that’s me!  I don’t take myself too seriously.  This is my benchtop toy factory – I mean 3D print shop.  I started this shop to fill a niche that opened up when it was no longer cost-effective to outsource the production of 1:285 scale model tanks.   Since this online shop became open for business in October of 2019, its capabilities have expanded, and will continue to expand in order to meet the demands of my wonderful customers.

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