Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you make these models yourself?

A: Yes!  These are all 3D models that I have rendered myself, and I print them in my own shop.


Q: What software do you use to render models?

A: I use Autodesk Inventor 2011, the same program I’ve been using since I was a college student.  I also use Blender v2.79 to process .stl files.


Q: Can you add custom models?

A: Yes! Assuming that I can get enough information to make a suitably detailed and accurate model, I can make anything you want.


Q: What if I want a model that’s not entirely historical?

A: It depends; I don’t plan to keep my catalogue limited to strictly historical designs forever, but there are some things that I won’t make, mostly for copyright reasons.


Q: Is there a minimum order?

A: Only if you want a resin colour that I don’t currently offer, in which case the minimum order is $150.


Q: You can offer different colour resins?

A: Yes.  Please visit the Formlabs Custom Color Picker to create a formula for the colour that you want, and send it to me.  On that note, feel free to peruse the Formlabs material catalogue if you want a model made of, say, castable wax or rubber.


Q: Can these models be painted?

A: Yes!  I recommend Vallejo surface primer and paints.  I personally use Vallejo Model Air for the main model colour and Game Color for the tracks and other details.


Q: Will you sell fully painted models?

A: Eventually.  I don’t currently have a way to paint large numbers of models efficiently.