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Processing and Shipping Notes

I have some quick notes about order processing and shipping which, hopefully, will answer any questions you may have.

1. Models are available in white resin and coloured resin, as you can see. These plastics have different physical properties: white resin is stronger and more flexible than any colour, but can be printed only at a 50-micron layer thickness. This will show print lines on shallow slopes, such as the forward portion of a turret roof. Coloured resin can be printed at a 25-micron layer thickness, at which print lines almost completely disappear. I do not offer any options for layer thickness; if I believe a model will benefit from printing with thinner layers, I will make it so, but if a model has steep slopes or none at all, it will be printed with thicker layers in order to save time. There are, of course, other considerations (see note 4).

2. If you can view my website in your country without a VPN, I can ship models to you.

3. If you live the UK, shipping may very well cost more than your order. While there are methods I can use to reduce shipping costs, I would suggest not placing an order of fewer than 20 models.

4. I do not print single models except for testing purposes. Instead, I fill the build platform with every production run. At 1:285 scale, I can print 20 heavy tanks at a time; at 1:220 scale, I can print 16 at a time. Smaller and larger vehicles, such as medium tanks and super-heavy tanks, respectively, will affect this number, and depending on what other orders I may be processing at the time, will affect which layer thickness I choose to run.

5. There is no discount for ordering large quantities – yet. However, regardless of where you live, you will save on shipping if you order as many as you need all at once. I have plans to offer entire divisions for sale, and they will be slightly cheaper than the same quantity of individual vehicles. Essentially, my intent is to replicate the numbers of historical tank divisions, then reduce their price by one vehicle each, two in the case of cheapies like the T-34 (which, as of this update, I don’t even offer yet, but I plan on selling them for $3 each).

6. All official payments are through PayPal. Unofficial payments are through SubscribeStar or crypto (see note 9). In both cases, shipping costs will be added at the end manually, and then you must approve the payment. This arrangement is temporary, and payment will become automatic as soon as I find a decent shipping calculator plugin.

7. For those who receive parcel tracking notifications, your order will ship from either Damascus, Maryland, USA, or Newfoundland, Pennsylvania, USA.

8. The default packaging consists of thin-wall plastic tube sections sandwiched between flat sheets (see below). Small plastic boxes are used for models that are too large for the default method, or if I run out of material for the default packaging. Large orders may be shipped in plastic organiser trays, if you desire. Packages are shipped inside bubble mailers unless large enough to require a box.

9. I prefer taking payments through SubscribeStar rather than PayPal, but since I cannot yet add the former as a plugin, if you use SubscribeStar, then you must send me an email with your order and shipping preference. I will return your message with the total cost, and upon receiving the full amount on SubscribeStar, I will send you another message notifying you that your order has shipped. The same process will apply if you plan to use cryptocurrency to pay for your order. I currently accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and HIVE.

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