Processing and Shipping Notes

I have some quick notes about order processing and shipping which, hopefully, will answer any questions you may have.

1. My website (or, more specifically, my e-commerce plugin) is glitchy to the point of infuriating, so if you have any problems placing an order, please do not hesitate to contact me.

2. The different colours represent different materials, and there are some notable differences between them.  White resin prints the fastest, since it cannot print in 25-micron layers; unfortunately, this also means that it cannot produce the same level of detail as the other two.  Dark green is particularly fragile, and I don’t recommend it for tanks with long guns.  Grey is my personal favourite, at least until I discover something better.

3. Other than samples that I use for photographs, I do not maintain an inventory.  I manufacture models as they are ordered, which takes only a day, but I’m not always in my shop.

4. If you can view my website in your country without a VPN, I can ship models to you.

5. If you live the UK or any of the commonwealth countries, shipping may cost more than your order.  For this reason, I would suggest not placing an order of fewer than 20 models at a time. 

6. There is no discount for ordering large quantities – yet. However, regardless of where you live, you will save on shipping if you order as many as you need all at once. I have plans to offer entire divisions for sale, and they will be slightly cheaper than the same quantity of individual vehicles. Essentially, my intent is to replicate the numbers of historical tank divisions, then reduce their price by one vehicle each, two in the case of cheapies like the T-34 (which, as of this update, I don’t even offer yet, but I plan on selling them for $3 each in 1:285 scale).

7. Other than Hive, cryptocurrency payments are not currently integrated into the site.  If you wish to pay with crypto, please contact me, and I’ll send you the necessary information.