Tank Painting Fixtures


Painting fixtures for both holding model tanks while painting and masking mating surfaces between the hull and turret.



These are painting fixtures that I designed and printed for my own use.  They work well enough that you may like them as well.  Each product comes as a set of two items: one to hold a hull, and the other to hold a turret.  Two different styles are available: fixtures and plugs.  “Fixtures” have a rectangular base and are meant for holding single tank turrets and hulls.  “Plugs” have a smaller round base and can be used alongside fixtures to mask turret sockets in the hulls of multi-turret tanks, and also to make larger fixtures to hold multiple tanks.  Here is a video showing the construction of a multi-tank painting fixture using five sets of plugs.

Additional information

Turret Ring Size

Light, Medium, Heavy, Object 279, Object 416


Fixture, Plug


1:144, 1:160, 1:220, 1:285


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