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These are supplemental web-pages, providing news relevant to this shop and additional information.


Shapeways: where I started out. You will find many of the same models on this website there as well, only at higher prices.

WordPress Blog: my primary news outlet for this website and my 3D printing-related activities in general. This particular link will take you directly to the complete archive of all relevant posts, with the most recent announcements at the top. I did this so that you wouldn’t have to sift through my editorials or various writings about my fantasy world.

Wargaming 3D: here, you can purchase files for my models, in case you want to print them yourself. You will find many of the same models on this website there again, mostly at lower prices.

Steemit: the second of three news outlets for this website. Since I do not write new blog posts here for every vehicle variant, then following me here will alert you if an additional variant for an existing vehicle is available. Steemit posts are much shorter and more frequent than those on my primary blog.

Hive: replacement for Steemit. As I explain here, Steemit is no longer a viable platform, so I’ve moved to Hive.

Tanks – one of my two main sources of information for armoured vehicles. Unless you understand Russian, it won’t be of much use. However, I find that Russian sources tend to be more accurate, at least when it comes to the subject of Soviet and German tanks.

Aviarmor: my second main source of information for armoured vehicles. Like the previous site, this one is in Russian, but includes information about more than just Soviet hardware.

The-Blueprints Tank Database: my primary source for the drawings I use to make these models. Some of these are inaccurate, incomplete, or improperly labelled, but this database is a good place to start looking.

BitChute: where I post videos. Here you can find CAD tutorials and post-processing of 3D printed models. I hope to include painting videos here as well.

Modelling Vehicle History: here you can find high-quality photos of my model ships, fully painted. I included this link mainly in case fully-painted photos of my tanks show up before I start painting them myself.

Tangible Day: a highly valuable resource for tabletop hobbyists.  Here, you can find tips for painting, modelling, and photography, as well as equipment reviews.  

SubscribeStar: the third news outlet for this website. I post here the least frequently, providing only monthly updates currently, and I instead maintain this page as a means to accept donations and payments for custom design work.