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The First Re-Organisation

This is the first major update to the website since it went public over two years ago.  The blog is no longer a collection of featured images with each main model that I offer, and will no longer be the focus of this website.  The new focus of this website will be the shop, and in the near future, its appearance will change as well, since I plan to change how products are sold.  Currently, I am playing around with a test page for this very purpose:

If you visit the shop, you may see a preview right next to the KV-2-152 model (the most common variant).  This page is password-protected, since it is a test of a new ecommerce setup.  I hope to consolidate as many products as possible, reducing the number of product pages from 48 to 30.  This will further make the website easier to navigate.  Meanwhile, all blog posts made prior to this one will be re-purposed to be more informative.  The red “Read more?” text on the product page will direct to the repurposed blog posts, for those who are interested in the history and technical aspects of the original war machine.  New blog posts, on the other hand, will include new product announcements and website updates, and not simply information pages for tanks or warships (when I start expanding my catalogue, that is).

Finally, since this is the first blog post I’ve made on this website since installing SteemPress, this post itself is something of a test.  If you are reading this on my website, you may have noticed the unusual tags #print3d and #creativecoin.  On Hive, tags and community names must begin with a letter, though it is possible to add a tag that begins with a number if a user is using the PeakD interface to create a post.  Creativecoin, meanwhile, is a Hive Engine token that artists and other creatives use.  Other Hive Engine tokens include MEME, Archon, Foodie, and STEM.

Finally, if you are reading this on Hive, here is a link to the original.  I wish I could make side-by-side bilingual posts on my website, but I suppose I could use the up-and-down format that, for instance, @andrianna uses for her own bilingual posts.